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A concise history of James Bond watches

With Daniel Craig looking set to return as 007 and a new homage to the super spy from Omega, we look back at James Bond's watches through the eras. Never say Never Again It looks like Daniel Craig has not given up his license to kill after all and will be returning for the 25th Bond movie. [...]

The dawning of the age of the Nautilus

In the year of its 40th anniversary, we take a look at what makes Patek Philippe’s Nautilus watch such an icon.     It’s been a bountiful year for fans of the Nautilus watch. Celebrating 40 years of life, Patek Philippe regaled its iconic sports watch with two anniversary models – one in platinum and [...]

Which Rolex watch should I buy?

It’s a big decision, so here is our guide to which Rolex men’s watch you might be tempted to buy for a lifetime of satisfaction.   It’s the million-dollar question most watch journalists get on a regular basis and, simply put, can be gauged by a bit of non-invasive profiling. Finding out as much as [...]

Best Replica Watches

Best Replica Watches Know the most reliable store to buy the best replica watches at unbeatable price Definitely one of the accessories that cannot miss, is the watch, gives prestige, elegance and style, combines with all personalities, shows character, good taste and personality. However, we know that an original watch can cost too much, fortunately […]

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